Toz Maskesi Katlanır Tip FFP1 1510 V

Toz Maskesi Katlanır Tip FFP1 1510 V

Dräger X‐plore® 1300 series molded model dust masks, which were developed through research among those working in different projects in the industry, are produced with CoolSAFE™ filter material.


Combining high filtering capacity with low breathing resistance, this filtering material increases mask performance.


Masks produced from this material also have dolomite test approval.

The flexible nose clip fully grasps the most risky leak area on the face.

The anti-allergic VarioFLEX™ non-tearing elastic-textile headband, which allows the mask to be put on and removed easily without tugging on the hair, is easily compressed and fixed thanks to the Easy Stop mechanism.



The headband does not irritate the face as it passes through the folded mask material without staples.

A new valve type called CoolMAX™ is used in the valve models of the Dräger X‐plore® 1300 series maskswhich are produced in FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 protection classes, providing ease of breathing.


The valves used in 3 different colors make it easy to distinguish the masks.

FFP1 masks have dark blue valves, FFP2 masks have light blue valves, and FFP3 masks have white valves.

Employees using odor-stopping versions stay away from irritating odors in the environment thanks to the activated carbon layer.


FFP3 mask headband shape is different.
Quad headband ensures a more comfortable fit of the mask
Soft inner mask on the part in contact with the face eliminates the risk of leakage
Dräger X-plore® 1510 V FFP1 (Valve)
U. code : 39 51 506
The product is offered for sale in boxes of at least 200 pieces.



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