Usage Areas

It is used in removing foreign materials, chemicals and derivatives, acidic-caustic-alkalis and in environments where they can come into contact with the skin.

It is used to prevent adhesion for such processes that are small and invisible, such as dust, dirt, metal and wood particles, and harm the body.

It is used to wash the eye in case of chemical-containing liquids and solid particles entering the eye.



This solution is used to rinse the eye and skin surface in case of chemical burns that may occur due to the contact of acid or alkaline solutions with the eye and skin surface.

It is used to neutralize the eye within 2 minutes in case of eye injuries (except lime and cement containing calcium substances) in case of acid and alkali getting into the eye.

After rinsing the eye with PH Neutral (ACQ426), it is recommended to rinse with Sterile Sodium Chloride Solution (ACQ425) until medical assistance is available.

Product Contents Actiomedic Ph Neutralizing Solution
Color    Colorless, transparent
Form         Odorless
Fragrance Liquid
Packaging  10 Pieces

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