Usage areas

Laboratory Gloves Gloves should only be used once, even for testing.
Used gloves should never be put back into the box.
After using and disposing of the gloves, the hands should be wiped with a wet cloth or washed with water.
It is suitable for use in environments such as product inspection, assembly, laboratory and veterinary medicine. It is not sterile. It cannot be used in surgeries.
It provides hygiene and cleanliness by preventing direct contact of hands with food during the service or product preparation process in the food industry.
In addition, it is an element of trust in the image indicator of the institution in terms of making customers feel more confident about hygiene and cleanliness.
It is an ideal preservative for cleaning fish and preventing lingering odors on the hands during the preparation and service of meat products.


Colour: Blue
Description: Laboratory Glove Powder Free
Fingertips are textured.
The wrists are curved.
It is compatible in both hands.
It provides superior protection compared to a vinyl glove and guarantees flexibility and comfort almost as equal as a latex glove.
It is not sterile.
The risk of allergies is very low.
Shelf life from the date of manufacture is 5 years.
The product barcode number, lot number, production date and expiry date of the product are printed on the boxes.

AQL Value  1.5
Thickness 0.08 mm
Length  230 mm
sizes  S, M, L, XL
Packaging 1000 / 100 pieces

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