The fire blanket is non-flammable,It is designed to protect from fire,It is suitable for use in homes, workplaces, factories and vehicles.

It is environment and user friendly

It is not harmful to human health,It is heat insulated,It is used to transport injured people like stretchers in emergency situations.

TS EN 1869

Conformity Report Number: B30.2 ITU 0, 50.00.00 / 1333

Dimensions (cm)   150 x 180
Packaging 10 Piece


The TS EN 1869 certified fire blanket, produced from asbestos-free, high-temperature resistant glass fiber fabric, is a protection tool that should be kept in fire-sensitive environments such as factories, schools, hospitals, hotels, fuel stations and transportation vehicles.

It is made of curly textured fabric, which is in compliance with the standards, prevents slipping from the surface on which it is wrapped, and high temperature resistant thread is used in its sewing.



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