The CM 300 model is produced without a cap for indoor use.


Material / Color / Feature    ABS /Orange Frame / 2 mm acrylic
Diameter (Ø)

CM300 –     300 mm
CM450 –     450 mm
CM600 –     600 mm
CM800 –     800 mm
CM1000 – 1000 mm
CM1200 – 1200 mm

Package Quantity 1

The traffic safety mirror provides control and security to the drivers in the parking lot, factory entrances and exits, in the forklift usage areas, in the blind spots where the oncoming vehicle or pedestrians are not visible.

With its robust structure, it is resistant to harsh climatic conditions.
Traffic safety mirrors are produced from 3.20 mm impact resistant acrylic material.
Impact resistance – Acrylic is at least 10 times more resistant to impacts than glass.
Lightweight – Acrylic is less than half the weight of glass and is easy to install.
Safety – Prevents injury in case of glass breakage.
Clarity – Acrylic traffic mirrors give a 20% clearer image than standard glass mirrors.
The products are produced resistant to natural weather conditions.
Adjustable up-down and left-right 45-degree angle.

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