The Carabiner Fastener is designed to minimize the risk and danger in the event of a fall from a height. However, it should be noted that no fall arrest system provides complete protection, and caution should always be exercised when practicing risky activities.

It should be checked regularly that the markings on the product are easily visible.

The fastener must be included in a fall arrest system as defined in the explanatory letter.The fall arrest sling strap (EN362) is the only equipment that holds the body and is allowed to be used. Manufacturing your own fall arrest equipment can have dangerous consequences, as one safety function may interfere with another safety function.

Therefore, before each use, read the recommendations regarding the use of each part of the system.


KaCarabiner Alloy Steel Locked Carabiner. Unlock 17mm.

Minimum Withstand Force: 25kN


Feature   Alloy Steel
Withstand Strength  Min. 25kN

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