Pontoon Warning Post Features

Post diameter: 60 mm Post height: 120 cm

Weight :4.5 kg

There is a chain channel in the post

Easy disassembly .There is a plug-in and locking weight system.

It provides resistance against the wind.

You can mount the warning sign, flasher (flashing) or components you want on the pontoon warning posts.

You can make routing easier and more effective with the pontoon warning pole components that you will buy without extra effort and assembly.

Since all products are screwed, you can easily assemble them.

Thanks to its self-screwing feature, it makes it easy to remove and install. You can carry it wherever you want.

Optional text, logo or visual works are done. Sheets are also sold blank.


Material / Feature PP+PE / Gravel Base
Size (mm)  60 x 1200 mm
Weight 4.5 kg.

Weather resistant -20 +60 C Degrees

Does not tip over easily due to basic weight

High visibility at night with special reflective film

SUPERIOR traffic products can be mounted on it

Made of long durable PP + PE material

Durability and high performance

Greater impact resistance when used with rubber sole

Possibility to use with plate, light, chain

ISO 9001:2008 CE Certified

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